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Now that you’ve got the perfect Facebook content strategy, why not take the next step and aim for total Facebook dominance. I call it the shock and awe strategy.

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The Facebook Dominance System

Comment Maximiser Pro

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Gets you free traffic from Facebook by engaging your visitors on your Facebook fanpages, and letting you direct them to any page or offer you choose. Great for e-commerce sellers, marketers, and affiliates.

  • Manage your comments for all your Fanpages from one single dashboard.
  • You can respond to single comments, batches of comments, or simply select all for maximum speed.
  • You can like comments automatically when replying, giving you even more audience engagement.
  • Ensure all your comments look different, and still get them done in seconds with spinning. No one will know you didn’t reply to each comment individually.
  • Ready to use images designed to get even more engagement for you.
  • See your post stats and comment impressions at a glance and know exactly how much extra engagement you’re producing.
  • Bulk delete comments you don’t want.

Not being able to engage your viewers immediately is the reason why you can’t explode your fanpage likes and subscribes, get more organic views to your fanpage and drive more traffic to your offers.

Here’s the simple truth.

  • The more engagement you have, the more people Facebook will show your fanpage too.
  • The more engagement you have, the more times a Facebook post will appear on people’s timelines.
  • The more engagement you have, the more people will remember your name and brand.
  • The more engagement you have, the more likes, subscribes and clicks you get.

The developer license (which we have here for you), let’s you work with unlimited fanpages and unlimited accounts. Yes, all your fanpages in one location!

It liberates you to get the Facebook marketing success that you’ve only dreamt of so far, and is a perfect companion for ReachMultiply!

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